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    UFO 12 Giuliz house pizza oven: cleaning guide

    nettoyer four a pizza Giuliz

    You are a lot to ask us how to clean your Giuliz homemade pizza oven, which is why we have created for you the essential guide to clean the Giuliz UFO 12 house oven as well as its refractory stone in cordierite.

    Cleaning your UFO 12 house pizza oven is very simple, however, you should scrupulously follow the steps to follow to avoid damaging it.

    So if you want to have a clean pizza oven, am this full guide specially designed for the Giuliz 12 Gaz 12 oven and your homemade pizza oven will be like new.

    Before cleaning your pizza oven, it is important to always be sure to:

    • Check that the control controller is on the "OFF" stop position.
    • Check that the gas container tap is closed.
    • Wait for the full cooling of your device.


    Never use sharp, toxic and / or aggressive products such as alcohols to burn, industrial scourants, solvents to clean your device because they may damage it.


    Cleaning the body of the device:

    Clean the outer surface of the device with a soft moistened sponge of soapy hot water.

    Pass a moistened sponge with clear water on the surfaces and then dry with a clean and dry cloth.

    Be sure not to get water into the device.


    Cleaning inside the oven:

    The ovens are cleaned by itself thanks to pyrolysis (pyro: fire, lysis: dissolution), a process that uses strong heat to decompose organic materials and transform them into volatile compounds. This operation is carried out at a temperature of 500 ° C for 10 minutes.

    Turn on the oven and let it heat up for about 10 minutes in the maximum position (large flame).

    Once the pyrolysis is finished, wait for the oven to cool and then eliminate the residues using a brush and a damp cloth.


    Cleaning the refractory stone:

    Attention ! Be sure to clean the stone to cook only after its full cooling. Never perform the cleaning operation when the stone is still hot, you may damage it.

    Make sure you never plunge the stone into water because humidity could cause cracks or greater break

    To clean it, scrape the charred residues using a plastic spatula or a barbecue brush, then rub it with a damp cloth, without using soap or detergent and let it dry.








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