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    Your Giuliz pizza: the most common errors to avoid to never miss it!

    Votre pizza Giuliz : Les erreurs les plus courantes à éviter pour ne plus jamais la rater!

    Have you just bought a Giuliz pizza oven and can't prepare your pizza dough? No worries, it is completely normal to make mistakes when you are novice! Although pizza seems to be a simple food to prepare, cooking your own dough has many elements that can make the process delicate and affect your final product. You will find below the most common questions we receive at Giuliz on the manufacture of pizzas and the steps to follow to solve them. After reading this you will never miss your pizzas again.


    1. My dough does not stretch!

    One of the most common problems concerns the preparation of the dough. Many people want to start working with their pizza dough immediately and try to stretch and form their dough before it is completely lifted. This will shrink the dough and resist stretching in a beautiful crust. If this is the case, you must let your dough rise (push) at room temperature for at least 30 minutes additional as the growth time indicated on your recipe before stretching it.


    1. My dough is too hard!

    Sometimes if you add too much flour, the pizza dough can be hard. This can also be caused by excessive work of the dough by hand or with a roller. An overly worked paste will burst all the tiny bubbles that make the pizza crust so airy and soft once cooked. The hard crust can also be caused by the type of flour you use. The best flour for pizza dough is the flour '00' because it is a thinner version than ordinary cooking flour.


    1. The pizza dough is not cooked in the center and is too soft.

    The most common error when you start making Neapolitan pizzas is probably the pizza dough which is soggy at the outlet of the oven. This is due to the overload of the pizza with which too many garnishes - including sauce and cheese! Although it is easy to get excited and think that the more fittings there are, the better! This excitement will quickly cause a lot of problems. Excess garnishes will make the dough raw and wet; And therefore difficult to move from the crazy shovel. Likewise, the added garnishes will also extend the cooking of the pizza and risk burning the bottom before all the top layers are ready and causing an insufficiently cooked dough in the middle of the dough.


    1. Your sauce is not good.

    Many people spend a lot of time preparing their dough and will neglect the pizza by adding a ready -made sauce. This is a huge mistake because the strongest flavors from your pizza are the dough and the sauce! Make your own sauce will give you much more control over the type of pizza you are trying to make, for an excellent recipe for homemade sauce, you can consult our recipe for (real) Neapolitan pizza sauce. In addition to being delicious it is very simple and quick to prepare. Indeed on a real Neapolitan pizza the sauce is never precuit! So beware of Neapolitan pizza recipes that say the opposite.


    • To conclude :

    Doing your pizza may seem complicated at first, yet a little bit of training is probably enough to quickly take the hand. This makes it one of the most fun foods to prepare, whether alone in families, with your children or friends. In addition, pizza is extremely customizable! So continue to train and we hope that these tips will help your pizzas reach a new level! If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to see you make your pizzas and are here so that you go the best Giuliz experience possible.

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